Miss North Carolina USA :: Sabrina Torres

Don’t forget to vote for Miss North Carolina USA! Our vote belongs to
Miss. Sabrina Torres! Click the photos to like her Facebook page.

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  • October 26, 2015 - 7:26 pm

    Haruna - MGC, I’m glad you enjoyed the uptdae! It’s certainly true that Brooke and Sabrina aren’t the best tag team, but we’ve seen before that Brooke isn’t the ideal tag partner. c2a0Still, shec2a0ISc2a0fighting for her job here and that’s something. As to what happens next, Friday’s uptdae should not disappoint. c2a0O___o c2a0As to why the steel chair? c2a0 It’s the Towers of Terror, man! c2a0They don’t need a reason to beat people down, chair or not. c2a0The only real question is if Gabrielle knew what was in store for Brooke and Sabrina?Y’know A Mouse, you’re not the first reader to point that out. c2a0Seems many of the lady readers enjoy when Brooke takes her lumps. c2a0I can’t imagine why XDHey Matt! c2a0A double pin, eh? c2a0Sounds pretty cool. XD c2a0As to what happens, all good predictions, let’s see which one, if any come to fruition.

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